A-Z April '14

A New Pollyanna – Reflection


When I try to reflect on the memorable moments of A-Z Challenge, I experience a complete package of emotions. My feelings of excitement before the challenge, motivated me to take off. However, that excitement turned into anxiety  very soon as everyday struggle was to be met efficaciously, but that anxiety surprisingly transformed into contentment by the time the challenge was about to get over.  The gradual achievement of sending daily posts successfully was much better than being free after the completion of it.

As it is said that being a learner is much better than being an expert, so while participating in this challenge, learning Imagewas always there whether we were writers or readers.

After the completion of this fest,  I thought I would write a reflection post with a bang, but know I realize that it’s easy to feel the excitement, but tough to describe.

‘A new Pollyanna’ my theme reveal post had promised to look to the world positively and yes…  everyday I went on a quest with an alphabet of positivism…Thanks to each and everyone associated with this challenge.

 A-Z was the carnival of thoughts, ideas, motivation and inspiration and it taught a lot more:1499616_499450513498012_844561834_n

 Organization– Being ready with a theme based post on daily basis was really a challenging task (at least for me…it was my first time),  indeed being organized helps and also teaches us to be better organized.

 Sense of unity– It seemed a big blogging carnival where we had the same feelings and felt like we all are an important part of a big whole.

 Introspection– larger doses of daily reading writing and commenting took us deep into ourselves.

 Empathy– reading the posts of co bloggers related us to their emotions which indeed had a positive effect on us.

 Self-awareness- Sense of unity, introspection and empathy reflected in our writings and we  became aware of ourselves.

 Motivation- If I’m asked to tell about a few motivating posts, I probably think that those few will cover each and every post because the challenge was flooded with wordy gems.

but you were the best!!!


This post is written for : A-Z April Challenge 2014



21 thoughts on “A New Pollyanna – Reflection”

    1. Even I have a high place for you in my heart…your series was so inspiring that I wonder how could anyone do such extensive work for the whole of the month…..amazing dear…..and thanks a lot for your kind comments.

    1. Vishal….. your up to date and honest writings are like the gentle stroke of fresh air.
      Simple and sweet ……. enjoyable to read.
      Thanks for your lovely comments…

  1. It’s wonderful that there are encouraging and positive-thinking people like you out there. Yay for finishing the A to Z challenge!

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge with style and grace! To complete is to achieve rock star status in the blog world. It is a marathon of sorts and a major accomplishment to see it through to the end. Well done my friend. Loved doing the challenge with you. ♥

  3. Big Yay for you – congrats on completing the challenge ! I was so happy to connect with you, and enjoyed the heartfelt posts and writings you put out..

  4. This is pretty optimistic reflection post! A to Z indeed was the carnival of thoughts, ideas, motivation and a lot more! Congratulations for sailing through the challenge! 🙂

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