Keeping the illusion alive


img-thingShe was numb as an after effect of adrenaline-rush. Her shivering hands held her husband’s love-letters from his pre-marital affair.

How did Jason manage to keep it as a secret for 10 years?

Was their conjugal happiness an illusion or a reality?

How’s she going to get the assurance that now she’s the only woman in his life?

These questions will rise for sure, but she won’t give them the liberty to get an answer.

Waiting for Jason in his office had sImagemashed her title of being his ‘only love’
She wished she hadn’t known ever what she knew now.




This post is written for -100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14

s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now

Picture courtesy: Google Images

11 thoughts on “Keeping the illusion alive”

  1. Thats such a dilema! Was not knowing and being cheated on better or knowing and feeling hurt? Good one

  2. Gosh! So hurting and painful this discovery must be for her.
    Wonder ignorance was better or this discovery! It is never easy to decide on such things! Great take on the prompt, Sheela!

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