Friend, Philosopher, Guide…

A tribute to all the fathers and fatherly figures…

Dear daddy,

ImageI always marvel at how amazing the relationship between a father and daughter is, just like an emperor and his princess. Isn’t it?  Papa I’m lucky to have inherited most of your qualities and above all your resemblance.

To be very honest, I was always impressed by your practical, yet caring lifestyle. Your careful hold on my little finger, while walking, seems to be still present during all walks of my life. With your blessings I am amidst all the luxuries this world can provide, but  I still remember those unforgettable moments, when I used to put my small little feet into your big shoes and walked around the house; when I did my homework in your study, knowing that it was a forbidden area for me; when I took your pen stealthily, in spite of your advice that I was too young to use a pen; when I wore your cotton shirts to the college during summers and made your wardrobe short of shirts. The pleasure, which I found in doing all that, is incomparable to any other pleasures in the world. These beautiful memories are my treasure. Papa I always wish you to be, by my side and keep guiding me as you did when I was a child.

It is unbelievable, but a reality that I am writing something when my dearest darling dad is not with me to read and appreciate. You Imagehave left for that heavenly abode about which you always told us and tried to make us understand. You always preached us the reality of life. At that time we only heard, but could not reciprocate and apply into our lives, as we found you as a whole and sole protector of us. But now everything is crystal clear. All the thoughts float so smoothly into my mind that I feel as if some miracle has happened. Yes, indeed it’s a miracle, where someone still exists in spite of their departure. The growth of wisdom in me indicates that you are by my side even today, showering all your blessings in the form of guidance which I feel from within me.

Thanks Papa for being my teacher, friend, philosopher, and guide.


Our loved ones never leave us alone, they always stay with us in the form of blessings, guidance and inspiration…







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