Deep connections

After marriage, freaking out with her hubby on long Sunday drives was the most romantic activity of Julie’s new life; today also she was on a drive in their new MX07,  but  after knowing it was bound to her brother’s house, in the other town, she felt uncomfortable. Her husband’s decision was great, but little did he know that the relation between her and her brother Sam were disturbing; they were not on talking terms.

At her wedding two months ago, he pretented to be busy by being in his room for long hours; he attended the wedding just for the sake of mom and dad, but now how will they face each other. Dino, her husband, was in an impression that he was giving happiness to her, but he had no idea that the circumstances were on the verge of bringing contradictory results.

All of a sudden, she got an idea! While Dino went to get some refreshments at a rest area, she sent a message to her brother. 

Image‘Dino is trying to make us happy by bringing me to you…we are only 25 kms away, the best thing for you would be to go out and tell your flatmates that you’ll be late tonight…thanks’
She was relieved after sending the message…now she can enjoy the rest of her journey. She spoke cheerfully to Dino and was showing excitement for the destination.

At 12:00 noon they reached there. Sam’s friend answered the doorbell. They went inside the house and sat on the sofa, and she asked excitingly, Pinto, where is my bro? 
Hey Julie…Hi Dino….what a pleasant surprise! Sam appeared and asked exuberently.
She was shocked, in fact her mind boggled; her brother’s gestures were loving…she was moved.
She got up and met Sam with a hug. 
Dino and Sam exchanged greetings with each other and in sometime all his flatmates joined in the conversation.
With a very light heart she walked towards the window and saw that the day seemed brighter and clearer than before.
Julie, come let’s have lunch together, I won’t be able to give you the home like treatment but this food does contain lots of love for a sis and bro in law. Sam’s next surprise made her a fan of him.
Though the food was served in a different way but the warmth of it was incomparable. It was served on the banana leaves in a traditional way. The most funny thing about the lunch was that everyone sat on the floor in the bedroom and the food was directly served from the cooking utensils. She was having lunch at her brother’s place was an unbelievable reality. 
On their way back home she  thanked her husband for the trip; he smiled in return.

She took out her cell phone to give this surprising news to her mom, but was stunned to see that her message to Sam was not delivered…

Who took the first step?

Did they both take correct steps unknowingly?

Were they desperate to respond to the other’s initiative?

Whatever…there is no great thing than filling the voids between the loving hearts…:)


This post has been written for Write Tribe- Wednesday Picture prompt




8 thoughts on “Deep connections”

  1. loved this post ! i remember the saying heart has reasons, mind knows not …… what ever be the problem within the family, there is always a corner of the heart that wants to be connected.Thanks for sharing !

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