Peaceful Problems…


Last month, I went for my routine medical-checkup. My interpreter (Chinese) could not accompany me on the day of my appointment as she had to deal with something urgent, and I was worrying about the problems that may arise while communicating with the doctors.

After my throat-scan, the doctor indicated a problem …I got worried! Though she could not describe, she eased me by saying that I shouldn’t worry because it is a peaceful-problem.
I was relaxed…in-fact was enthralled by that collocation “peaceful-problem”. While driving back home I kept pondering on that term.

I was thinking about problems present around me, and found that most of them were peaceful… if seen from a different vantage point.

Thanks doctor for putting me in self-realization mode where I can understand the things from a new perspective.
I wish I’d known this before what I knew now.

It is not always that our internal motivating system is on; sometimes we encounter special incidents that connect us to that system, and drive us towards enlightenment.

Do you think so?



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  1. Laurel Regan says:

    I love that way of looking at it – thank you for sharing this insight!

    1. shellymona says:

      Glad you liked it….thanks Laurel

  2. Shalzzz says:

    Lovely thought! We are surrounded by many issues. And as you said, it can been made into peaceful ones if we think in an alternate way! 🙂 Thanks for sharing..

    Visit me @TaleoftwoTomatoes

    1. shellymona says:

      Thanks for the lovely thought….:)

  3. Indywrites says:

    I like the word your doctor said. So nice if we could handle things in our life like this.
    Good post. Hope you Are Well Now.

    1. shellymona says:

      Thanks dear….
      yeah …that doc gave such a meaningful term…:)

  4. A very good interpretation and seeing things from a calm perspective. Nice write up as always:)

  5. pythoroshan says:

    ok wow.. that seriously is something I’ve never considered while carrying all my problems around with me all these years..

  6. That’s a nice term your doctor used!
    A few years back, I started using the terms “good busy”, “good pressure”, “good tension”, etc.

    1. shellymona says:

      These terms are truly effective where the contradictory situations appear side by side producing a satisfactory result overall….
      Thanks a lot…

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