The twist of life

1284_P_1355365069528Mike’s efforts to attract Angela were failing one by one. Though he was a popular student in the college, she never got fascinated by his effervescence because she had Ben in her heart since long. However, Ben had a feeling that Mike and Angela have a relationship, but recently he had known through some common friends that this link was one sided.

Angela was glad to find Ben interested in her. She now waited for the first step from his side. She was cent percent sure of Ben’s proposal on the prom night when she’d leave his heart ablaze with her new designer red evening gown.

sad-woman-sitting-david-spillaneFinally, that long awaited day arrived. Both were enjoying the time, suddenly Mike appeared and asked her for a dance. Though she was not willing, she went with him, leaving her clutch on the table.  When she was back, Ben abruptly left the party. Feeling embarrassed she tried to call Ben to have a clear talk, but as she picked her clutch, she was shocked to see a letter under it. It read…”thanks, Angela for wearing red on my demand and announcing your true love for me….Hugs and kisses …Mike.”

She felt pale and stale. Anger, fear, confusion and failure made a questionnaire for her to find the answers of this twisted situation….

Concluding part of the story is here

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Follow your heart…

images (2) It’s already more than a year since her latest achievement! She can’t take this anymore!

She dealt with it lightly, thinking it was a procrastination phase, which would get over soon, but it seemed to be the fear of performing below her benchmark or losing the popularity gained till date…

Has she been doing this for others or herself?

images (1)NO…no…she remembered her favorite author’s words, ‘don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.’

She got up, walked with a stance, reached her favorite place and started writing….



Inspired by the quote of Barbara Kingsolver-

Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.

 Barbara Kingsolver



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Citizens of Earth… by TPRF

imagesIn my previous post, I mentioned that ‘peace education’ should be the initial part of a human life because peace is a weapon that can kill the negativity prevalent around. If we arm ourselves with peace, it can cast aside our worries and brings us under joy. As the need for peace is increasing day by day, various organizations and individuals are putting their efforts to make the people aware of this simple fact PEACE.

Today I’m sharing TPRF’s peace message & video “Citizens of Earth” with the hope that peace will reside in our hearts forever.

Peace for People 2014

pfp2014_un_logo“The time has come that every citizen of this planet Earth takes responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” Prem Rawat

Enjoy and Share

As a contribution to International Peace Day, TPRF is offering Citizens of the Earth, featuring the words of its founder, Prem Rawat: “The time has come that every citizen of planet earth needs to take responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” This new short video for Peace Day 2014 was launched on this page on September 12, beginning the 10-day countdown to Peace Day.



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One world connected- Choosing life

images (2)The facts behind the deaths caused by suicide always bring a question mark along with them. Be it a suicidal death of a celebrity, a professional, a high profile person or an ordinary person, it is always surrounded by a lot of mysteries.

According to the estimation of World Health Organization, about one million people around the world die by suicide every year. The most common reason behind it is the absence of hope from their lives; these people get surrounded by such a low feelings that they feel suicide as the only refuge to get out of that bleak situation.

imagesA ray of hope that can illuminate the hearts is peace education. When the inner conflict cripples the human hearts and takes them in a situation where there is dearth of knowledge, at that time peace appears as a savior and raises the spirit of that lowly person to differentiate between the right and wrong.

Peace through education’ can make a solid foundation in the children if imparted at the initial stage.

Video link for ‘power of peace education’

This year’s theme is “Suicide Prevention: One World Connected”…

The above purpose can be served by Inculcating virtue based knowledge from the beginning to bring peace in our hearts forever.

Some basic reminders for us-

images (1)Let’s be aware of other’s situations with open eyes and kind hearts.

Let’s lend a sympathizing ear to other’s problems.

Let’s offer them a helping hand.

Birth and death are in the power of destiny, we do not have any rights to mess with them, so we must be thankful for our beautiful life which is a valuable gift to every human being.

I’m participating in-

100 Voices for Suicide Prevention



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Best buddy

images (1)Stop messaging Sara; I can’t handle this tickling anymore! (It was Sara’s mobile)
I wanna impress Joe, help me send him a nice message… please! (Sara requested)
He’s your friend……why should I interfere?
You’re my best buddy, aren’t you?


What’s so special in Joe?
I’m in love with him. He’s been always by my side since school-days.
And …what about me?
Oh! You’re that angel who brought us closer. If he’s my love, you are my life.

Hey Sara if I were your boyfriend….then?
Then I’d have used your silent and power-off features very often…my darling chatterbox!


What if our phones had emotions?:)

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Zombie mania

imagesThe silence of midnight woke him up. His mind was crowded with the fear of the zombie rumor. As he turned his side-lamp on, …he saw a horrendous sight of his zombified wife heading towards him.

Pale with fear, he grasped his gun from under his pillow, but how can he shoot her? His heartbeats were racing and he was statue. He closed his eyes out of fear.

images (1)Suddenly he heard a crunching sound near side-table. His zombie wife was tearing the apple with deadly gestures. As she returned with her zombie walk, he murmured, “I love my vegetarian wife!”


If there are Zombies, they can be vegetarian also!

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Present moment alive

images (1)“Live in the present moment…It’s damn easy to preach, but is it possible practically? It’s a momentary motivation. How can I make myself understand that there is the only present moment alive, the past and the future is only imagination? What about those memories and dreams?” This was her question to her spiritual teacher who always lent an empathizing ear to her, as a friend.

images (2)The teacher smiled through her eyes and wisely commented on the situation. “The answer is hidden in your question itself. You said, ‘present moment alive’…it means there is life in PRESENT, then why there is a tug of war between the present and future. Leave that game, and follow life. Do what you should do and rest will be the best.”


images (3)“Let me explain you with a simple example, we people are short sighted in the scene of life, and our life does not provide us any glasses to look through it clearly. Whatever we see is present, and the far-off things appear hazy to us, if we try to see at them putting strain on our eyes…we will never get the clear sight of it, in fact it may affect our eyesight. So enjoy whatever is in within the view. You can get the clear view of far off things when you enter into that zone, or when tomorrow becomes today.” She cleverly gave her an example.

download“The clearly visible day is today, see the clarity, do your karma, enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Don’t go beyond your zone, it will come to you tomorrow with its own clarity and karma.”


Almost all of us are brought up being preached to be patient and calm, but sometimes we need reminders when some stones are thrown in the silent waters of our life to create ripples of disturbances.

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Happy teacher’s day!

We all know that the solid educational foundation is an essential factor of our successful life. As Karl Marx’s  base and superstructure concept  is very important in the formation of  a human society, same thing applies on an individual’s personality. The school and college education builds a strong base of the student’s life, so the quality education, from the very beginning, should be compulsory.

images (3)

Teachers are the makers of good citizens-

I always remember the motivating words of my school principal Mother Bernard who, according to me, is the best of all. She was a sophisticated person with grace in her personality and warmth on her face. Whatever she spoke was always impressive The words that she said on the day of commencement, still echo in my heart and mind and inspire me to be just like her.

I’d love to share a small section of that message with my fellow bloggers:

images (4)

“Now life will automatically put you into a competition mode…yes…you heard me right COMPETITION! Don’t follow the traditional style of competing with others to be better or best, maybe you are already better than them, so the best person to compete with is definitely YOU. Be your own competitor and your progress is surely guaranteed because you are a unique and a special person… May your life be filled with dignity, peace and prosperity…”


Happy Teachers Day…to all my teachers…

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Common man


images (1)Happy-employee11-200x200Being the only son of a high-profile businessman, Hugh leads monotonously luxurious life with no exuberance, no risk, no self-satisfaction and above all no self -identification. Whereas, his employee Sam is always eager to achieve something or the other… either the objective or  experience. Sam is really lucky to have an adventurous life of a common man.


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Infatuation or…

Fiction 55

Infatuation was the name given to the relationship of those teenagers, whose innocent love collapsed while taking a leap of faith over the lofty-ideals of society. Despite the emotional injuries, they were patient and silent; they knew that the universe will conspire to make their decision happen…and it did happen…

Today is their 25th wedding anniversary!!!

images (2)

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