The twist of life

Mike’s efforts to attract Angela were failing one by one. Though he was a popular student in the college, she never got fascinated by his effervescence because she had Ben in her heart since long. However, Ben had a feeling that Mike and Angela have a relationship, but recently he had known through some common … Continue reading The twist of life


Follow your heart…

It’s already more than a year since her latest achievement! She can’t take this anymore! She dealt with it lightly, thinking it was a procrastination phase, which would get over soon, but it seemed to be the fear of performing below her benchmark or losing the popularity gained till date… Has she been doing this … Continue reading Follow your heart…

Citizens of Earth… by TPRF

In my previous post, I mentioned that 'peace education' should be the initial part of a human life because peace is a weapon that can kill the negativity prevalent around. If we arm ourselves with peace, it can cast aside our worries and brings us under joy. As the need for peace is increasing day … Continue reading Citizens of Earth… by TPRF


One world connected- Choosing life

The facts behind the deaths caused by suicide always bring a question mark along with them. Be it a suicidal death of a celebrity, a professional, a high profile person or an ordinary person, it is always surrounded by a lot of mysteries. According to the estimation of World Health Organization, about one million people … Continue reading One world connected- Choosing life


Best buddy

Stop messaging Sara; I can’t handle this tickling anymore! (It was Sara’s mobile) I wanna impress Joe, help me send him a nice message… please! (Sara requested) He’s your friend……why should I interfere? You’re my best buddy, aren't you? What’s so special in Joe? I’m in love with him. He’s been always by my side since school-days. … Continue reading Best buddy


Zombie mania

The silence of midnight woke him up. His mind was crowded with the fear of the zombie rumor. As he turned his side-lamp on, …he saw a horrendous sight of his zombified wife heading towards him. Pale with fear, he grasped his gun from under his pillow, but how can he shoot her? His heartbeats … Continue reading Zombie mania


Present moment alive

“Live in the present moment…It’s damn easy to preach, but is it possible practically? It’s a momentary motivation. How can I make myself understand that there is the only present moment alive, the past and the future is only imagination? What about those memories and dreams?” This was her question to her spiritual teacher who … Continue reading Present moment alive