Happy teacher’s day!

We all know that the solid educational foundation is an essential factor of our successful life. As Karl Marx’s  base and superstructure concept  is very important in the formation of  a human society, same thing applies on an individual’s personality. The school and college education builds a strong base of the student’s life, so the quality education, from the very beginning, should be compulsory.

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Teachers are the makers of good citizens-

I always remember the motivating words of my school principal Mother Bernard who, according to me, is the best of all. She was a sophisticated person with grace in her personality and warmth on her face. Whatever she spoke was always impressive The words that she said on the day of commencement, still echo in my heart and mind and inspire me to be just like her.

I’d love to share a small section of that message with my fellow bloggers:

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“Now life will automatically put you into a competition mode…yes…you heard me right COMPETITION! Don’t follow the traditional style of competing with others to be better or best, maybe you are already better than them, so the best person to compete with is definitely YOU. Be your own competitor and your progress is surely guaranteed because you are a unique and a special person… May your life be filled with dignity, peace and prosperity…”


Happy Teachers Day…to all my teachers…

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