Present moment alive

images (1)“Live in the present moment…It’s damn easy to preach, but is it possible practically? It’s a momentary motivation. How can I make myself understand that there is the only present moment alive, the past and the future is only imagination? What about those memories and dreams?” This was her question to her spiritual teacher who always lent an empathizing ear to her, as a friend.

images (2)The teacher smiled through her eyes and wisely commented on the situation. “The answer is hidden in your question itself. You said, ‘present moment alive’…it means there is life in PRESENT, then why there is a tug of war between the present and future. Leave that game, and follow life. Do what you should do and rest will be the best.”


images (3)“Let me explain you with a simple example, we people are short sighted in the scene of life, and our life does not provide us any glasses to look through it clearly. Whatever we see is present, and the far-off things appear hazy to us, if we try to see at them putting strain on our eyes…we will never get the clear sight of it, in fact it may affect our eyesight. So enjoy whatever is in within the view. You can get the clear view of far off things when you enter into that zone, or when tomorrow becomes today.” She cleverly gave her an example.

download“The clearly visible day is today, see the clarity, do your karma, enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Don’t go beyond your zone, it will come to you tomorrow with its own clarity and karma.”


Almost all of us are brought up being preached to be patient and calm, but sometimes we need reminders when some stones are thrown in the silent waters of our life to create ripples of disturbances.

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