Citizens of Earth… by TPRF

imagesIn my previous post, I mentioned that ‘peace education’ should be the initial part of a human life because peace is a weapon that can kill the negativity prevalent around. If we arm ourselves with peace, it can cast aside our worries and brings us under joy. As the need for peace is increasing day by day, various organizations and individuals are putting their efforts to make the people aware of this simple fact PEACE.

Today I’m sharing TPRF’s peace message & video “Citizens of Earth” with the hope that peace will reside in our hearts forever.

Peace for People 2014

pfp2014_un_logo“The time has come that every citizen of this planet Earth takes responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” Prem Rawat

Enjoy and Share

As a contribution to International Peace Day, TPRF is offering Citizens of the Earth, featuring the words of its founder, Prem Rawat: “The time has come that every citizen of planet earth needs to take responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” This new short video for Peace Day 2014 was launched on this page on September 12, beginning the 10-day countdown to Peace Day.



Picture courtesy: Google Images


5 Comments Add yours

  1. pythoroshan says:

    Was not aware of the International Peace Day… sigh.
    Will look forward to more.

  2. catchats says:

    Anything that promotes peace is something to celebrate. Wonderful post to promote awareness of this special International Peace Day.

  3. Indywrites says:

    That is a great initiative. Peace to all.
    Glad you shared it.

  4. Shalzzz says:

    Glad yo shared it! The video is too good. Thank you.

  5. nabanita21 says:

    I didn’t know about this…Thanks for sharing!

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