Out of oblivion…end of the twist

continued from- The twist of life….

images (1)With a thought to correct the situation, she hurriedly ran towards the car park to find Ben because she did not want him to reflect more on the situation that never existed. She saw Ben at the door of his car looking in the void.
Running towards him with that letter, and trying to gather her scattered emotions she said, ‘Ben…I know nothing about this!’
He took that letter and tore it to pieces; giving her a passionate and intense look announced, ‘I know you, and I love you.’
imagesAngela forgot all the mental stress which had numbed her a little ago. Now she was in a complete bliss!
Ben hugged her and stared at falling bits of the letter. He said to himself, ‘sorry Angela, I had to do this…after all I’m a human!’

P.S.   Ideologically this idea seems invalid, but in today’s world just for its survival love needs the support of such absurdities.


Picture courtesy: Google Images

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