The Real Christmas

images (2)No sooner do we settle down after Halloween and Thanksgiving; the shops again start getting decorated with the Christmas sale offers. Not only attractive, these offers are so tempting that they easily set us on shopping spree. The vibrantly lit shops, attractively reduced rates, and colorfully dressed salespeople enhance the mood of the shopping season resulting in public becoming the target of festive consumerism.

Now the question arises… Is this the meaning of the celebration? Where has that Christmas disappeared which would bring with it the sounds of jingling bells, fragrances of preparation in progress and the happiness that rose from hearts to hearts? I miss those golden days of my life when Christmas was a real Christmas.

downloadThough I am a non-Christian I still celebrate this festival. I find those memories quite vivid in my mind, and I become nostalgic when Christmas is round the corner. In the school, we would play the act of Jesus’ birth every year. It was the busiest time of the school year, because the preparations of the half yearly exams and Christmas play went together. After our exams were over, we would celebrate Christmas until the week and a half after the New Year.
images (4)Preparing each and everything by ourselves, be it a Christmas tree, the decoration pieces, cards, gift packing, etc. it all bore the satisfaction of being a part of it. We would go to the market with head full of ideas and wallet with limited money, and I can bet that the happiness we got after the appreciation of our creative streak is incomparable to anything bought expensively.
images (5)Mom’s scrumptious recipes tickled our taste buds and added a unique flavor to the festive season. Acts of kindness, though done all over the year, held a great impact if done at this time (it was told by our value education teacher).

Although the gone times cannot be brought back, it’s impression can still be retained by being conscientious in differentiating between celebration and commercialization. If we keep in mind the point of globalization, current trends may be considered fair to some extent, but we should better keep a check on them and let the spirit of Real Christmas going on forever.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all my readers….

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4 thoughts on “The Real Christmas”

  1. Very right……it’s difficult to find real christmas amidst such commercialized way its presented. nevertheless, this could be the way to hold the interest of youngsters …..Merry Christmas!

  2. Agree, in all the commercialization today, the real spirit of Christmas is lost somewhere! We must encourage our kids to practice gratitude, experience the joy of giving and sharing and practice kindness.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sheila 🙂

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