We do need a daily dose of inspiration…



Sounds strange but it’s true that a day contentedly spent is the hardest task to achieve in today’s life.
It was previously believed that depression sets in a certain age, but nowadays its presence is detected in young age depending upon various competitive circumstances. Our challenging lifestyles lead us to the bleakly path of vices ultimately landing us on the maze of depression.
So, besides doing other important things to overcome this situation; first and foremost thing is to take a daily dose of inspiration because motivation, by any ways is necessary to stay positive and contented.
Few words of wisdom change our outlook and makes us positive. 
We can lead a positive life by  training  our minds to look at the brighter side of every aspect
With heartiest gratitude to all the inspirational and motivational people in this world…

Mother…a mighty personality


Mom, I find my words feeble in front of your mighty personality. How will I cover each and every aspect of it? It’s like an ocean; that cannot be fathomed.
I might have been a common person otherwise, but your love, affection and efforts have made me a very special one. Whatever I do in my life is just the reflection of your graceful persona.
For me, you are like an enormous tree sheltering its children under its vast shade of love and blessings, and feels contented to see them flourishing in their lives.

With these few words of mine devoted with love will work more than anything, and I am sure they will give you immense pleasure.

Everyday…Happy Mother’s Day !