Flowing with life…


To lead a contented life, shed the burden of your past (memories) and future (hopes) at doorsteps of the morning. And then you’ll truly enjoy the blessings of the present with a light and pure heart. Unequivocal reality will guide your present self further and further

 Written for #MondayMusings
 From motivational and inspirational resources of EIS

8 thoughts on “Flowing with life…”

  1. A perfect and meaningful post! If only we can practice the art of ‘letting go’ flowing with the current of life will become easier. Your opening words ‘to lead a contented life..’ reminds me of a Lao Tsu quote “He who is content is rich”!
    Best regards and cheers Shelley 🙂

  2. Hi I nominated you for the quote challenge, request you to kindly take it forward…for more info kindly look at this link

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