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Be yourself, it’s your journey…

1288944 copyNow she realized that she was unnecessarily considering the world around her as her lifestyle-patroller. In fact, she was haunted by her myth.
She had lived her life thinking what people will think of her. Will they approve of her or not?
Though confused she always tried her best to satisfy them. Her state of mind depended on the feedback of that invisible-jury.
But now she’s conscious and holds herself responsible for handing them the authority to judge her.
She mocked at her situation. Without regret, she’ll proceeded further.

Life in her wants to live now.
She’ll start afresh.
Her real-journey will begin now…..

P.S- In our lifetime we meet with different people belonging to different groups and backgrounds; they join us and leave us according to the circumstances and time, but we always think them as the lifestyle patrollers. Our confused minds tell us that they are always staring at us.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself……


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3 thoughts on “Be yourself, it’s your journey…”

  1. Well said. So much time, energy, and life is wasted worrying about others opinions, wanting to be liked by others, needing to please others. The most important thing is what you think of you.

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