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Indestructible joy


Why this life is so tough on me? Why it’s always me? When my worries are going to end? How can I be happy?

To answer these questions, some great human beings have been appearing as the ambassadors of peace to help out the world. Their names doesn’t matter because they come up with a thought; a thought that needs to get nurtured in every single heart. These kind souls come in different guises and versions, but their philosophy is same, and that is: ‘spreading peace through inner knowledge.’

These ‘ambassadors of peace’ and ‘fountain of ‘knowledge’ have a miraculous effect on everyone’s mind; because they clear all the doubts instantly. Their simple and clear message is so effective that it gives the feeling of ‘thirst being quenched.’

Each of their messages predicts the situation of weary hearts and provides a solution affecting the inner entities. Their words and the relevance of their message with everyone’s life fill every heart with pure joy and contentment which is indestructible.

‘Inner peace makes us kind, and kindness brings happiness that finally turns into joy, and that joy is indestructible.’ Prem Rawat

Instead of taking unnecessary actions to avoid the outer worries, let’s take just one action of discovering inner peace. That will bring incredible change in ourselves… because awareness starts from within.

“The truth, the reality, the beauty, the prosperity, and the peace you are looking for — you never lost it. Never… It was always within you.” -Prem Rawat

A big salute to all the great human beings who are endeavoring to propagate the genuine thought of gratification towards life.

PS- Inspired by the peace messages of Prem Rawat.

7 thoughts on “Indestructible joy”

  1. They say, we all have a different answer to what defines our happiness and fulfillment, but for all of us it begins with inner peace. And once we get that, it’s all beautiful around us! Thoughtful and thought provoking post, Sheela!

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