In Love Again

My first meeting with someone who was going to be my life partner was an amazing experience. His mesmerizing eyes did all, he gave me an intense look and then pretended to mix with others. I found a unique warmth in the way he looked at me. I was spellbound and couldn’t escape. Love at first sight!

We got together with a lot of promises to keep forever and dove into the sea of love.  Gradually, we got upgraded from innocence to sophistication and kept floating on the surface.  Though holding each other’s hands tightly, we were actually focusing on the wider view in the different directions.

Luckily, on our fifteenth wedding anniversary, I could feel the same that had happened years ago. A romantic trip as a gift from our family recalled all those moments, and I again found him to be the only gentleman on this planet…his caring gestures and lovely smile compelled me to whisper in his ear, ‘When you say nothing at all…you force me to fall in love with you again and again.’ He said nothing but gave me that same intense look and a warm smile.

Today’s Prompt:


Write Tribe festival of words June 2018- Day 4

Picture courtesy: Google Images

7 thoughts on “In Love Again”

  1. How lovely was it to read this story with its romantic feel. Since this is a blogging challenge where we are responding to prompts, it is hard to tell which story is real and which is not. Believing this one is a true story, I have to congratulate you on the unchanged love in your equation.

  2. So good to read about someone happy love story in today’s world of fast changing relationship status. Very well written and fits the prompt so well.

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