Conscious Decision

Within the six months of her second marriage, she’s again experiencing the same relationship incompatibility!

Her first one was a love marriage, and the second an arrangement to come out of the previous error.

‘Parents were right’, she admitted to herself, ‘I cant make correct decisions’

Failing marriages… She felt vulnerable! With clueless mind, she dragged herself to the crossroad of life, looking for a way.

Why does she need a prop to make herself stand in the society!

She made a conscious decision.

She MIGHT have to undergo tough situations, but she won’t seek refuge in the marriage now!


Today’s Prompt is this picture

Write Tribe festival of words June 2018- Day 6

Picture courtesy: Google Images

Disclaimer – Views or opinions represented in this post are personal.

11 thoughts on “Conscious Decision”

  1. She is now on her own conscious of her decision to ride majestically her life.
    You have written aptly to suit the picture. Good job.

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