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Setting with a Glow

Coming back home at the age of mid fifties is somewhat like a peace retreat if you have lived in foreign lands for the major portion of your life!However, for Erica this sugary feeling eventually turned into disappointment, when she faced the ground reality of being a misfit in her own society at this age.

Now following a new regime of starting from the scratch was out of the question. She has to come up with something unique if she had sincerely worked on her growth during the past years.

Let’s see how her knowledge, her capability to unlearn & relearn will help her to stand at the same or even at the higher height of her personality.

Magnifying the situations carefully and inferring the ways out of it wisely, is the story of a flexible mindset. 

We wish everyone to discover a mysterious spark in themselves, regardless of their age, that leads to the revelation of a new-self!



I wrote this story for Writing Wednesday on The Frangipani Creative.

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