Zines in Classrooms – Creative Teaching

Go Creative and be Expressive

What is a Zine?

Zine is an independently or self-published mini magazine (booklet), created by physically cutting and gluing text and images together or writing texts and drawing images to tell a story. Students can show their creativity according to the theme chosen by them.

Pronunciation: Just like the end of the word magazine, it’s pronounced as “Zeen”

Why teaching through Zines works well in the classrooms?

  1. The structure and format of zines help students to express their ideas and creativity being under classroom instructions.
  2. A topic from the given list is chosen to work on in the classroom.
  3. Sharing stories, information and ideas through both images and text makes the task interesting

How Zines are helpful for the students?

  • Zines are an ideal project for children it gives them the opportunity to show their creativity.
  • It gives them a sense of satisfaction and project achievement!
  • In this process, the learner is the maker and the maker is the learner at the same time.
  • Students choose to write about whatever they like and they create zines based on those interests. 
  • The most important feature of ‘Teaching through Zines’ is that learners share their zines with the classmates and also appreciate the zines created by them.

Material for a Zine

You will need one A4 sheet, scissors, and extra material according to the  content of your zine.

How to fold a Zine

Step 1- Fold your sheet of paper in half  quarters, and then one more time so that it is folded into eighths.

Step 2- Fold your paper in half. Cut halfway across the middle from the fold. So it should have a slit in the middle when you open your paper

Step 3- You have a sheet with 8 sections and a slit in the middle. Open up your paper, fold in half like above.

Step 4- Now simply push the ends of the paper in and fold like a small book.

Step 5- You are there! all set to create your DIY mini zine!

There are many types of zines such as fanzines, cartoon zines, recipe zines, comic zines, art zines, personal zines etc. where learners write their stories according to their interests.

So for the kids who are looking to express their creativity, can start recording their experiences by creating Zines on the themes of their choice!

Go Creative and be Expressive!


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