Inner World

Sunshine on my Window

One beautiful day, the warm sun filtered through the corner of my window, wanting me to smile and do the best that could be done while it shines. I love these patches falling on the floor and moving along the room with the passing time. Changing its feel from cozy to intense and again fading away stealthily into the evening sky and leaving my room with a hope for the next day.

What if the clouds stop it from entering my window? I became doubtful! I got worried! It’s not only the light, it’s cheerfulness, it’s hope, it’s positivity that helps with me to deal with the depressing feeling that engulfs me when the weather is gloomy.

What shall I do? What if the sunshine comes in my home and stays there forever? Won’t that be awesome? Then all the weathers will be same for me.

Unknowingly, I was writing my feelings sitting there anticipating the fear of tomorrow…I read aloud what I had written, and I felt differently! It was an AHA moment for me! Yes I can speak my thought, I can express myself! I felt wonderful, and I started journaling from then on.

Since then, whenever I penned down my emotions, it created new moments around me… where impossible became possible and doubts became clear. In other words, it put a miraculous effect on me. My way of thinking changed; my mind reasoned and my heart loved. All the natural vices started following the path of positivism and joined the virtue.

My galloping mind is now under the control of inspirational reading and writing , as I take a daily dose of it to enlighten my mind. Therefore, when I see the world from that window of clarity, I become compassionate, and that compassion brings contentment in me. The clarity of thoughts and actions are producing amazing results, so now, I have managed to make that sunshine stay with me forever!

Writing has now become a  world of my own, where I would escape very often and meet my expression and creativity!


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