Which Chinese Zodiac are you?

The legends  related to different cultures and regions is an interesting way to engage learners to enhance their language skills. Before Chinese New Year holidays, I encouraged my students to know about Chinese Zodiac Calendar and its origin through Chinese Zodiac Stories. Working with Zodiac sign traits description provides a great opportunity to widen learners' … Continue reading Which Chinese Zodiac are you?


Storytelling, an approach to make kids smarter

Storytelling has been an integral part of our lives, we live with the stories and we love to be the stories. Since ages stories are being used by families and educators to transfer life skills, teachings and wisdom to children and grown-ups. Storytelling has gained a very special place in today’s era since its benefits … Continue reading Storytelling, an approach to make kids smarter

Laughter Yoga in 4 easy steps

Laughter wellness does not mean humor! It means simulated laughter, not pressurized by brain. This fake laughter brings changes in the body that are beneficial for health. The best part is that fake laughter, if done with playfulness, becomes infectious by the end. So let's try it once 🙂 My Experience with Laughter Yoga When … Continue reading Laughter Yoga in 4 easy steps


Do you know why laughter is necessary for your children?

When did your kid laugh out loudly? If you have seen him do so it's a good sign that he has stress releasing qualities in his nature, but if he's seen worried, anxious or stressed over his tasks in the name of competition then it's time for you to take a strong step. Studies have … Continue reading Do you know why laughter is necessary for your children?


Inner Imposter #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Everyone thinks it's a great leap of her career and luck, but she is surrounded with doubts! Based on her past performance she has got the position of a 'zonal manager', and has to join her new office abroad. So what's restraining her delight? Imposter syndrome in her … Continue reading Inner Imposter #AtoZChallenge


Halloween Friends

While cleaning Gavin's room, she looked at his torch-light with astonishment. Since the day he  bought that torch from ‘Halloween-fun-fair’, half of her concerns related to her son's problematic-behaviour have disappeared. He’s become an organised and disciplined child now, after he finishes his tasks he desperately runs to play with his new toy. He even … Continue reading Halloween Friends


Gorgeous Grey #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Due to a scalp allergy Sara was strictly advised to stop using chemicals on her hair. She looked at her husband's face and then at her dermatologist's and walked away. She panicked even more because a month later was their 25th anniversary party. Sara and Jay entered … Continue reading Gorgeous Grey #AtoZChallenge