A New Pollyanna – Reflection

When I try to reflect on the memorable moments of A-Z Challenge, I experience a complete package of emotions. My feelings of excitement before the challenge, motivated me to take off. However, that excitement turned into anxiety  very soon as everyday struggle was to be met efficaciously, but that anxiety surprisingly transformed into contentment by the … Continue reading A New Pollyanna – Reflection

Zesty  Fest

Z ends the zealous festival of words leaving on our blogs the impressions of lovely thoughts and ideas, originated through various themes by various minds and hearts. Zippy alphabetical thoughts written, read and commented during the whole month gave me the feeling of being in a wordy carnival... Over the whole month of April, after … Continue reading Zesty  Fest

Yummy & Mummy

  Laura and Harry were in love with each other. Laura's parents had agreed on seeing Harry at first sight, but the main obstacle in their union was the consent of Harry's parents. Agreement from both was a challenging task because Harry's father was a food lover and his mother was a dietitian, and they … Continue reading Yummy & Mummy

Will Power

    Will power of Sandrea has done such a thing if seen through the inner eyes seems a miracle. Sandrea was loved, pampered and led by her darling husband, but was suddenly given an ultimatum to continue her life journey without him. She was completely shattered.   'True love never dies' an inspiration sourced her … Continue reading Will Power