Zines in Classrooms – Creative Teaching

Go Creative and be Expressive What is a Zine? Zine is an independently or self-published mini magazine (booklet), created by physically cutting and gluing text and images together or writing texts and drawing images to tell a story. Students can show their creativity according to the theme chosen by them. Pronunciation: Just like the end … Continue reading Zines in Classrooms – Creative Teaching

Which Chinese Zodiac are you?

The legends  related to different cultures and regions is an interesting way to engage learners to enhance their language skills. Before Chinese New Year holidays, I encouraged my students to know about Chinese Zodiac Calendar and its origin through Chinese Zodiac Stories. Working with Zodiac sign traits description provides a great opportunity to widen learners' … Continue reading Which Chinese Zodiac are you?

#1000Speak For Compassion—Writing and compassion

Writing has bestowed its priceless gift on me, and that is compassion. Ever since I started penning down my emotions it created new moments around me... where impossible became possible and doubts became clear. In other words it put a miraculous effect on me. My way of thinking changed; my mind reasoned and my heart … Continue reading #1000Speak For Compassion—Writing and compassion