Mother…a mighty personality


Mom, I find my words feeble in front of your mighty personality. How will I cover each and every aspect of it? It’s like an ocean; that cannot be fathomed.
I might have been a common person otherwise, but your love, affection and efforts have made me a very special one. Whatever I do in my life is just the reflection of your graceful persona.
For me, you are like an enormous tree sheltering its children under its vast shade of love and blessings, and feels contented to see them flourishing in their lives.

With these few words of mine devoted with love will work more than anything, and I am sure they will give you immense pleasure.

Everyday…Happy Mother’s Day !

Halloween Fun Fair…

imagesWhile cleaning Gavin’s room, she took his laser light and looked at it with astonishment. Since the day, Gavin has bought that light from ‘Halloween fun fair’, half of her concerns related to her son’s problematic behavior have disappeared.
Can any object be so helpful in changing someone’s personality?

He has become an organised and a disciplined child after that, but once he finishes all his tasks he desperately runs to play with his new toy. He even told her that he has made some new friends, and was very happy with them.

images (2)It all seems like a miracle! If she had known this, she would have bought such things for him, long before. She switched that light on out of curiosity; a wide red beam covered a big portion of the room. She could see Gavin’s friends fading out slowly.


Happy Halloween!

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When an unexpected guest slid in…


Written for  100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014) Day 7


“How to get rid of this rat…?” Saying this mom rushed into the kitchen; we followed her.

A hissing snake slithered through the kitchen; mom pushed us back, but in a split of a second it disappeared behind the door.

Mom strictly warned us to be aside.

Neighbors came in for help, nothing could trace it out.

All the things were shifted to lobby, and kitchen was locked. It was declared that it must have vanished through the mice holes.

After dinner we saw our unexpected guest slithering out of the box near which mom sat while cooking the food.


P.S- This is a real story. We had locked the kitchen and waited for the snake charmer, but the snake showed and again hid in between the things. The whole night we were in terror of our creepy guest. It was caught in the morning, but with great trouble.


Compliment – an expression of love


It was Kevin’s phone.

‘Shelly …the things are getting worse, she has changed a lot, whenever I talk to her there is always a fight…what shall I do?’

‘Now what happened?’ I expressed concern.

I simply told her that the food is not perfect, she blasted; I don’t know why she has become so high tempered.’ Kevin was going through tough phase in his marital life.

I knew what the problem was…

Sometimes we live our lives in such a robotic way that we forget some etiquette like praising or admiring our dear ones. As we all know that a sincere compliment boosts ones morale, so why do we take our spouses for granted?

As soon as we cross few years of our married life we are so exhausted by our relationships that we look around for fresh air.

Hey guys…take a break! Learn to compliment.

To strengthen the foundation of relationship at this phase, small compliments play a very vital role. Appreciating your partner can do wonders in the long run.

Kevin is a loving husband, but sometimes he lacks talking strategically. I advised Kevin to compliment Angela just like that, he looked at me with a confused expression…I told him to compliment Angela for anything else instead of pointing out her shortcomings in the beginning.

He left hesitatingly, and didn’t turn up for a week, I was worried about him. On the eighth day he showed up with a surprise. My suggested therapy had started working from the very first day and his life was running on the right track. His compliments boosted her spirits and changed her awkward behavior. Admiring techniques were fixing their marriage bond.

He thanked me a lot for bringing freshness in his married life. For me this was one of the best compliments I had received because my faith uplifted after this. I thought how magical these compliments are, free of charge and invaluable…

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Is your Success all yours?


On the pages or on the screen, a protagonist wins the acclamation of the readers or audience, but what about the rest (who are not in the fore ground) are they appreciated for their strong support?

In real life too many people who are actually in the background and deserve to be mentioned in the forefront are seldom recognized. According to me a successful person should devote at least half of his success to the large team of his well wishers who are sometimes found almost invisible in the background. My aim through this post is to applaud for those unsung supporting people whose help and co operation is often ignored while they build a smooth and clear way for the ones who enjoy the appreciation of the society.

Let’s observe some situations and look for their answers-

A common homemaker, who does all the daily chores following the wishes of her family members, throughout her life, is said to be doing the trivial job rather than receiving a prize of appreciation for being a backbone for her successful family. What’s your say on this?

A coworker whose support, cooperation, comments, advice and competition helped us to get the promotion is looked down upon as an incompetent candidate. Is this rational?

A nanny who rears our children as a mother never gets the same respect; she is behind our solaced mind that attained success in the world. Will she be remembered as the strong part of our fame?

While we were accelerating towards our success path there were many who gave us room, forfeited their desires, stepped back for us; in short made our road smooth to walk on. Will they be given their share in terms of gratitude?

The list may go unending, but the concern is same…

Let’s be modest and spare a little time from our busy schedules to appreciate our selfless supporters, and show our gratitude by recognizing their support.

 This post is written in response to Suzy Que’s post ‘Free Write‘ on Write Tribe.


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