Do Kids Experience Stress?

A general view of people regarding childhood is that it's the most carefree time of a person's life, but the fact is that kids of all ages also undergo stress due to different reasons. Stress in kids may be the result of positive or negative changes in their lives.  Positive: such as starting new activities, moving to … Continue reading Do Kids Experience Stress?


Inner Imposter #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Everyone thinks it's a great leap of her career and luck, but she is surrounded with doubts! Based on her past performance she has got the position of a 'zonal manager', and has to join her new office abroad. So what's restraining her delight? Imposter syndrome in her … Continue reading Inner Imposter #AtoZChallenge

False Friendship #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Rene an ardent-admirer of her best-friend Myriah’s fashionable choices was expecting the same admiration in return because the biggest publication house was ready to publish her book on ‘FRIENDSHIP’. “Why do books still exist in digital age Rene?” Myriah asked blandly. Rene retorted, “as long as the … Continue reading False Friendship #AtoZChallenge

Ceaseless Continuance #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Infatuation was the name given to the relationship of those teenagers, whose innocent love collapsed while taking a leap of faith over the lofty-ideals of society. Despite the emotional injuries, they were patient and silent; they knew that the universe will conspire to make their decision happen…and … Continue reading Ceaseless Continuance #AtoZChallenge

Business Minded Benefactors #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge After marrying Neil, a well-known businessman, Rhea looked forward for a hilarious and independent life, but her dreams of self-identity demolished like a sand-castle. It was a man’s-world; Neil like his father and brother found pride in only being the benefactor. “The ladies in our family never … Continue reading Business Minded Benefactors #AtoZChallenge