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Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble

Jay is nothing without his wife Rhea.

Rhea, besides being a devoted wife and a loving mother of two teenagers, is the backbone of the whole household. Her home seems like a paradise on earth.

Two years back this paradise was mine…only mine; I was the soul of this family. How fast things change in this world? But I am too glad for my family which is as happy with her as it used to be with me.

Rhea my sweet little sister sacrificed her young dreams by marrying an elderly widower to fulfill her elder sister’s promises and responsibilities.



My Theme is Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble
We all are story lovers and more than that we love to understand the emotions and feelings hidden behind those stories.
All stories carry a message, but how that message works in everyone’s life is yet another story!
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Dazzling Desire #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble

Festive-promotions and crowded-shops were driving Jia crazy, but her savings weren’t enough. What was the desire of a 21 year old?

She decided something and determinedly went back home.

Next-day she asked for advance salary of four months; it was her confidence or her luck, she got it.

Triumphantly she purchased her desire which was driving her crazy. On reaching home, she shouted with excitement, ‘mom!’

Her mother’s heart  brimmed with pride on seeing that gift. It was a solitaire diamond-pendant that Jia had bought for her mother, to keep her father’s promise which he made  before he had left for the war.

My Theme is Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble
We all are story lovers and more than that we love to understand the emotions and feelings hidden behind those stories.
All stories carry a message, but how that message works in everyone’s life is yet another story!
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100 Words Fiction!

She cannot bear that smelly dampness anymore, that had penetrated deep into her being. Maybe the changing season helps her to get rid of that.
She is crazy busy looking for that little magical thing back in her relationship, which she had never known was so important?
With the passing time, Jay has forgiven her, but she is sure that he will never forget how she ditched such a loving and caring husband.

If she had known that trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone she would have kept it in the sole custody of her conscience.

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Out of oblivion…end of the twist

continued from- The twist of life….

images (1)With a thought to correct the situation, she hurriedly ran towards the car park to find Ben because she did not want him to reflect more on the situation that never existed. She saw Ben at the door of his car looking in the void.
Running towards him with that letter, and trying to gather her scattered emotions she said, ‘Ben…I know nothing about this!’
He took that letter and tore it to pieces; giving her a passionate and intense look announced, ‘I know you, and I love you.’
imagesAngela forgot all the mental stress which had numbed her a little ago. Now she was in a complete bliss!
Ben hugged her and stared at falling bits of the letter. He said to himself, ‘sorry Angela, I had to do this…after all I’m a human!’

P.S.   Ideologically this idea seems invalid, but in today’s world just for its survival love needs the support of such absurdities.


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The twist of life

1284_P_1355365069528Mike’s efforts to attract Angela were failing one by one. Though he was a popular student in the college, she never got fascinated by his effervescence because she had Ben in her heart since long. However, Ben had a feeling that Mike and Angela have a relationship, but recently he had known through some common friends that this link was one sided.

Angela was glad to find Ben interested in her. She now waited for the first step from his side. She was cent percent sure of Ben’s proposal on the prom night when she’d leave his heart ablaze with her new designer red evening gown.

sad-woman-sitting-david-spillaneFinally, that long awaited day arrived. Both were enjoying the time, suddenly Mike appeared and asked her for a dance. Though she was not willing, she went with him, leaving her clutch on the table.  When she was back, Ben abruptly left the party. Feeling embarrassed she tried to call Ben to have a clear talk, but as she picked her clutch, she was shocked to see a letter under it. It read…”thanks, Angela for wearing red on my demand and announcing your true love for me….Hugs and kisses …Mike.”

She felt pale and stale. Anger, fear, confusion and failure made a questionnaire for her to find the answers of this twisted situation….

Concluding part of the story is here

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Home is where your heart is…

Enjoying a blissful life, with my sweet family, unexpectedly  I felt clutched by some unknown syndrome. I found myself rigid, which I was actually not.

After my son’s marriage all my assertions were lying on the floor as my failures. Suddenly, changes seemed unacceptable to me. Desperation brought me towards loneliness, and my family was facing the result of this erratic situation.

 I rebuked myself for showing narrow mindedness when the other side was concerned; I regretted being an eccentric person at this age.

‘I’ll change’, I was determined.

‘Now it does feel like home, doesn’t it?’  My heart whispered.


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Friend, Philosopher, Guide…

A tribute to all the fathers and fatherly figures…

Dear daddy,

ImageI always marvel at how amazing the relationship between a father and daughter is, just like an emperor and his princess. Isn’t it?  Papa I’m lucky to have inherited most of your qualities and above all your resemblance.

To be very honest, I was always impressed by your practical, yet caring lifestyle. Your careful hold on my little finger, while walking, seems to be still present during all walks of my life. With your blessings I am amidst all the luxuries this world can provide, but  I still remember those unforgettable moments, when I used to put my small little feet into your big shoes and walked around the house; when I did my homework in your study, knowing that it was a forbidden area for me; when I took your pen stealthily, in spite of your advice that I was too young to use a pen; when I wore your cotton shirts to the college during summers and made your wardrobe short of shirts. The pleasure, which I found in doing all that, is incomparable to any other pleasures in the world. These beautiful memories are my treasure. Papa I always wish you to be, by my side and keep guiding me as you did when I was a child.

It is unbelievable, but a reality that I am writing something when my dearest darling dad is not with me to read and appreciate. You Imagehave left for that heavenly abode about which you always told us and tried to make us understand. You always preached us the reality of life. At that time we only heard, but could not reciprocate and apply into our lives, as we found you as a whole and sole protector of us. But now everything is crystal clear. All the thoughts float so smoothly into my mind that I feel as if some miracle has happened. Yes, indeed it’s a miracle, where someone still exists in spite of their departure. The growth of wisdom in me indicates that you are by my side even today, showering all your blessings in the form of guidance which I feel from within me.

Thanks Papa for being my teacher, friend, philosopher, and guide.


Our loved ones never leave us alone, they always stay with us in the form of blessings, guidance and inspiration…







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Deep connections

After marriage, freaking out with her hubby on long Sunday drives was the most romantic activity of Julie’s new life; today also she was on a drive in their new MX07,  but  after knowing it was bound to her brother’s house, in the other town, she felt uncomfortable. Her husband’s decision was great, but little did […]

Keeping the illusion alive

  She was numb as an after effect of adrenaline-rush. Her shivering hands held her husband’s love-letters from his pre-marital affair. How did Jason manage to keep it as a secret for 10 years? Was their conjugal happiness an illusion or a reality? How’s she going to get the assurance that now she’s the only […]