Eternal Empire #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Jay is nothing without his wife Rhea. Rhea, besides being a devoted wife and a loving mother of two teenagers, is the backbone of the whole household. Her home seems like a paradise on earth. Two years back this paradise was mine…only mine; I was the soul … Continue reading Eternal Empire #AtoZChallenge


Dazzling Desire #AtoZChallenge

Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble April A-Z challenge Festive-promotions and crowded-shops were driving Jia crazy, but her savings weren’t enough. What was the desire of a 21 year old? She decided something and determinedly went back home. Next-day she asked for advance salary of four months; it was her confidence or her luck, she got … Continue reading Dazzling Desire #AtoZChallenge


100 Words Fiction! She cannot bear that smelly dampness anymore, that had penetrated deep into her being. Maybe the changing season helps her to get rid of that. She is crazy busy looking for that little magical thing back in her relationship, which she had never known was so important? With the passing time, Jay … Continue reading Trust


A wise fool…

Whenever I lose myself; I gain a heart... I love that wise fool in me because it fills me with love and contentment... To read that anecdote....Click here


Out of oblivion…end of the twist

continued from- The twist of life.... With a thought to correct the situation, she hurriedly ran towards the car park to find Ben because she did not want him to reflect more on the situation that never existed. She saw Ben at the door of his car looking in the void. Running towards him with … Continue reading Out of oblivion…end of the twist


The twist of life

Mike’s efforts to attract Angela were failing one by one. Though he was a popular student in the college, she never got fascinated by his effervescence because she had Ben in her heart since long. However, Ben had a feeling that Mike and Angela have a relationship, but recently he had known through some common … Continue reading The twist of life


Home is where your heart is…

Enjoying a blissful life, with my sweet family, unexpectedly  I felt clutched by some unknown syndrome. I found myself rigid, which I was actually not. After my son's marriage all my assertions were lying on the floor as my failures. Suddenly, changes seemed unacceptable to me. Desperation brought me towards loneliness, and my family was facing … Continue reading Home is where your heart is…