Keeping the illusion alive

  She was numb as an after effect of adrenaline-rush. Her shivering hands held her husband's love-letters from his pre-marital affair. How did Jason manage to keep it as a secret for 10 years? Was their conjugal happiness an illusion or a reality? How’s she going to get the assurance that now she’s the only… Continue reading Keeping the illusion alive



She realized that she could no longer hide the truth, so Maya revealed that Samuel isn't her nephew, but her own son from her pre-marital affair. Robs felt like a dwarf because of his insufficiency; ruined, he left home. She was in a tumult that she’s spoilt her married life, for Robs will never approve of… Continue reading Soulmate…

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In the background

  Opportunity knocked her door, but her parents wanted her to settle abroad by marrying a guy of their choice. She mocked at her degree of fashion-designer and surrendered. After marriage, in her community she got a chance to design clothes for a local fashion show. It was an opportune time for her to show her… Continue reading In the background


Endless Blessings

Write Tribe- Festival of Words #3- Fiction 55 Joe's back from his boarding school. I'm in confusion how will I explain him about his grandmother's death that happened 15 days ago in our home town. Joe came running happily from his room, ‘momz…love you for this pleasant surprise!' He continued, 'and you know grandma's saying now… Continue reading Endless Blessings


The forgetful princess

Write tribe- Festival of words- #3 Day 1 post – a 9-sentence fiction It was a complete new experience for me, a new world of relationships and feelings made me a little scared that how am I  going to manage all that in my new home. Every girl has to go through this after entering the matrimony, but in my case I felt a little tough as… Continue reading The forgetful princess


Strangers in the night

Sara has planned tonight exactly as their first night in order to win Sam’s heart again. Since six months the charm in their relationship is totally lost, and they are living a contract kind of life. Sara’s totally fed up of being strangers in the night; she will bring back that spark and will glow… Continue reading Strangers in the night