My Angel


I was gazing at her beautiful face, while sleeping she looked like a tiny beautiful princess. Her curly golden locks waved on her pretty face making her even prettier. But this bundle of joy will be separated from me now! ‘How we will survive without each other’? ‘How will I dare to contradict my Husband’s decision’? My heart pined. Angel! My Angel is a very cute child but not with the combination of beauty with the brains, she is seven, but her brain is underdeveloped. A glimpse of my Angel blossoms the hearts of many but the next moment all those hearts are filled with sympathy towards her.

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Our car was running fast on the quiet road, but my thumping heart was ahead of it. I wished I could reach my destination with the wink of an eye and hug my darling daughter Rhea, but no force around me was able to understand the position of a helpless mother. I had to hold my restless heart  forcefully from being bewildered. I was in a hurry to see my daughter, and was suppressing my feelings as it was the family rule.  

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