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Impressions …

  I was sitting among the VIP’s and was too nervous. The pleasant spring evening was unable to get me out of that anxiety. Though Andy had performed locally on several occasions, it was the first time that he was performing for such huge audience. Andy appeared with his group; calm, cool and confident. He… Continue reading Impressions …

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Live in the present moment

  Their plan to rejuvenate their love-life, wash off all the past regressions and enjoy the second honey-moon at its full was postponed by her for next vacation as she wanted the trip to be grand by his special bonus money. Little did she know that her husband had not enough time to wait till… Continue reading Live in the present moment


Let’s do our bit (Retaining reading culture)

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 8th – 14th December 2013 Day 3- Books (I'm re-posting one of my old posts because of its relevancy to the topic) Reading, these days is restricted to academics only, reading for pleasure is replaced by movies, television and other electronic devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has… Continue reading Let’s do our bit (Retaining reading culture)

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Reliving Memories

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 8th - 14th December 2013 Day 1- Memories As she walked on the crispy leaves of autumn, that rustling sound shivered her body. How nice was everything before, but now it seems that her heart chases the time and her mind flashes thoughts at a very fast… Continue reading Reliving Memories


Ugh…get rid of it!

Nella’s car went vroom as she entered her husband's favorite restaurant,  she wanted to please him by arranging a romantic and surprise dinner after his hectic  week. As her car swooshed  in  the parking she saw Rex gushing out of the restaurant hand in hand with a man, but  was  rattled to see the man in fact was… Continue reading Ugh…get rid of it!


Being Within

  Sam and Susan, contenders of “Dream to Dance” contest planned to marry after the competition was over. While breathing life into his choreography Sam met with an accident and didn't get a second chance. Why happiness is so short lived? Susan danced solo to live Sam’s dream. Audience were awestruck; Susan’s leaps, moves, stretches, expressions, postures,… Continue reading Being Within


Luxurious Cage

After marrying Neil a well-known businessman Rhea looked forward for a hilarious and independent life, but her dreams of self-identity demolished like a sand-castle. It was a man’s-world; Neil like his father and brother found pride in being the benefactor. “The ladies in our family never go out to work coz they are the big… Continue reading Luxurious Cage