That wasn't an incompatible relationship, but the apathetic behavior of her spouse, which was unbearable. She had a choice, either to continue or to break it off. But the report in her hand made her double-minded. She calmed herself, calculated the pros and cons of all the possible future situations, and decided to continue being … Continue reading Contentment

In Love Again

My first meeting with someone who was going to be my life partner was an amazing experience. His mesmerizing eyes did all, he gave me an intense look and then pretended to mix with others. I found a unique warmth in the way he looked at me. I was spellbound and couldn't escape. Love at … Continue reading In Love Again

Which Chinese Zodiac are you?

The legends  related to different cultures and regions is an interesting way to engage learners to enhance their language skills. Before Chinese New Year holidays, I encouraged my students to know about Chinese Zodiac Calendar and its origin through Chinese Zodiac Stories. Working with Zodiac sign traits description provides a great opportunity to widen learners' … Continue reading Which Chinese Zodiac are you?