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Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble


She has reached that stage of her life where she realizes that her chosen path is now in the zone of doubts and regrets.
She sees herself on the crossroads, from where it’s difficult for her to choose the right path decisively.
Little did she know that while chasing life unconsciously, she will miss to smell the roses.



My Theme is Coffee Time Tales- Fiction 55/drabble
We all are story lovers and more than that we love to understand the emotions and feelings hidden behind those stories.
All stories carry a message, but how that message works in everyone’s life is yet another story!
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Forever Youthful…

Gliding through the youth, we gradually realize that we are landing on the ground of maturity; a strange phase where youth is left far behind and middle-age is ready to embrace us. Though it’s called a stage of maximum excellence it is often mistaken as a dubious period of life by some.

To handle this situation gracefully, I started following my aerobics instructor’s idea of youthful life, because she always believed in the thought that, “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.”

Inspired by her lifestyle, and to rejuvenate my inner and outer-self, I  designed a programme for myself that has proved effective to reach my goal smoothly…and the work is still in progress…

So,on this Mother’s Day, I want to share these tips with all my lovely friends.

  •  Yoga for healthy body, mind and soul
  • Nutritious-diet to keep supplements at bay
  • Regular health check-ups
  •  Professional development to be in competition with the smarter generation
  • Social-service to promote sharing and caring
  • Introspection: because there is always scope for improvement

May everyone stays young forever…



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A new beginning…


images-24It’s already more than a year since her latest achievement!

No new publication! She can’t take this anymore!

She has been dealing with it lightly, thinking it was a procrastination phase, which would get over soon, but it actually seemed to be the fear of performing below her benchmark or losing her popularity gained till date…

Has she been doing this for others or herself?

NO…no…she remembered her favorite author’s words, ‘don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.’

images-16She decisively got up, walked with a stance, reached her favorite place and started writing….

Inspired by the quote of Barbara Kingsolver-

Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.

– Barbara Kingsolver


PS- This previous post of mine seems apt to motivate me during my phase of writer’s block.

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Seven Simple Steps for a Contented Life…Christmas special!

Do we ever enjoy the present moment?

He asked us before starting the meditation session. Though very simple his speech did wonders to our small group and we were simply attracted by his message. I thank this motivational speaker from the depth of my heart and share his message with you all…

When today was in future we were worried about it, and when it has become present we take it for granted by letting it go into the past. Why?

Because … we always run after the memories of past and worries of future. When the real thing shows itself we close our eyes to get back into the doubts and worries?

We are all familiar with these wonderful ways to lead a contented life, but we wait for that time when these thoughts are clicked by our minds, and we are ready to go with that Magic Wand of positivism.

Count your blessings-


Complaining about inadequacies is our favorite past time and excuse, and we all excel in that undoubtedly.

“What we already possess today is a real blessing.’ Do we count our blessings?

Even though small … a blessing is a blessing



The counting of our blessings hasn’t finished yet and it won’t finish ever…let’s better show gratitude for tour blessings. Thankfulness opens more portals for more blessings to enter.



Let’s be honest and consciously contemplate our thoughts. Are we emotionally or socially dependent on others?

Do we need the approval of society for what we do?

‘Listen to all but decide according to your own self.’ Self reflection can guide us throughout without confusion. We are expert advisers for our own selves.



A glass half full or a glass half empty shows our optimism or pessimism. If we belong to the former category we are content, but if we fall on the latter side we must do something…

Smiling eyes, friendly words and our sunny disposition produces positive vibes which encircle the others and get hypnotized by this magic.



Changing with the world is the top priority of today’s lifestyle, but changing our old beliefs which hinder our inner growth is the topmost priority of our own life.




‘Ripe fruits if not shared today will get rotten tomorrow, don’t preserve, and be magnanimous; your share will return back to you one day. It’s guaranteed.’



An achievement is always worthy of celebration, no matter big or small. Celebrating our achievements gives us a boost for further advancement.

‘Live the present moment happily, your life will be filled with happiness…’

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Indestructible joy


Why this life is so tough on me? Why it’s always me? When my worries are going to end? How can I be happy?

To answer these questions, some great human beings have been appearing as the ambassadors of peace to help out the world. Their names doesn’t matter because they come up with a thought; a thought that needs to get nurtured in every single heart. These kind souls come in different guises and versions, but their philosophy is same, and that is: ‘spreading peace through inner knowledge.’

These ‘ambassadors of peace’ and ‘fountain of ‘knowledge’ have a miraculous effect on everyone’s mind; because they clear all the doubts instantly. Their simple and clear message is so effective that it gives the feeling of ‘thirst being quenched.’

Each of their messages predicts the situation of weary hearts and provides a solution affecting the inner entities. Their words and the relevance of their message with everyone’s life fill every heart with pure joy and contentment which is indestructible.

‘Inner peace makes us kind, and kindness brings happiness that finally turns into joy, and that joy is indestructible.’ Prem Rawat

Instead of taking unnecessary actions to avoid the outer worries, let’s take just one action of discovering inner peace. That will bring incredible change in ourselves… because awareness starts from within.

“The truth, the reality, the beauty, the prosperity, and the peace you are looking for — you never lost it. Never… It was always within you.” -Prem Rawat

A big salute to all the great human beings who are endeavoring to propagate the genuine thought of gratification towards life.

PS- Inspired by the peace messages of Prem Rawat.


100 Words Fiction!

She cannot bear that smelly dampness anymore, that had penetrated deep into her being. Maybe the changing season helps her to get rid of that.
She is crazy busy looking for that little magical thing back in her relationship, which she had never known was so important?
With the passing time, Jay has forgiven her, but she is sure that he will never forget how she ditched such a loving and caring husband.

If she had known that trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone she would have kept it in the sole custody of her conscience.

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Fulfilled life


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

― Maya Angelou

I love this quote a lot, it defines a modern individual who wishes to lead a fulfilled  life by following its heart in the brightness of its mind.

Hope we all not only speak positive, but also act positive.

Be yourself, it’s your journey…

1288944 copyNow she realized that she was unnecessarily considering the world around her as her lifestyle-patroller. In fact, she was haunted by her myth.
She had lived her life thinking what people will think of her. Will they approve of her or not?
Though confused she always tried her best to satisfy them. Her state of mind depended on the feedback of that invisible-jury.
But now she’s conscious and holds herself responsible for handing them the authority to judge her.
She mocked at her situation. Without regret, she’ll proceeded further.

Life in her wants to live now.
She’ll start afresh.
Her real-journey will begin now…..

P.S- In our lifetime we meet with different people belonging to different groups and backgrounds; they join us and leave us according to the circumstances and time, but we always think them as the lifestyle patrollers. Our confused minds tell us that they are always staring at us.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself……


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We do need a daily dose of inspiration…



Sounds strange but it’s true that a day contentedly spent is the hardest task to achieve in today’s life.
It was previously believed that depression sets in a certain age, but nowadays its presence is detected in young age depending upon various competitive circumstances. Our challenging lifestyles lead us to the bleakly path of vices ultimately landing us on the maze of depression.
So, besides doing other important things to overcome this situation; first and foremost thing is to take a daily dose of inspiration because motivation, by any ways is necessary to stay positive and contented.
Few words of wisdom change our outlook and makes us positive. 
We can lead a positive life by  training  our minds to look at the brighter side of every aspect
With heartiest gratitude to all the inspirational and motivational people in this world…