Peaceful Problems…


Last month, I went for my routine medical-checkup. My interpreter could not accompany me on the day of my appointment as she had to deal with something urgent, and I was worrying about the problems that may arise while communicating with the doctors.

After my throat-scan, the doctor indicated a problem …I got worried! Though she could not describe, she eased me by saying that I shouldn’t worry because it is a peaceful-problem.
I was relaxed…in-fact was enthralled by that collocation “peaceful-problem”. While driving back home I kept pondering on that term.

I was thinking about problems present around me, and found that most of them were peaceful… if seen from a different vantage point.

Thanks doctor for putting me in self-realization mode where I can understand the things from a new perspective.
I wish I’d known this before what I knew now.

It is not always that our internal motivating system is on; sometimes we encounter special incidents that connect us to that system, and drive us towards enlightenment.

Do you think so?



Deep connections

After marriage, freaking out with her hubby on long Sunday drives was the most romantic activity of Julie’s new life; today also she was on a drive in their new MX07,  but  after knowing it was bound to her brother’s house, in the other town, she felt uncomfortable. Her husband’s decision was great, but little did he know that the relation between her and her brother Sam were disturbing; they were not on talking terms.

At her wedding two months ago, he pretented to be busy by being in his room for long hours; he attended the wedding just for the sake of mom and dad, but now how will they face each other. Dino, her husband, was in an impression that he was giving happiness to her, but he had no idea that the circumstances were on the verge of bringing contradictory results.

All of a sudden, she got an idea! While Dino went to get some refreshments at a rest area, she sent a message to her brother. 

Image‘Dino is trying to make us happy by bringing me to you…we are only 25 kms away, the best thing for you would be to go out and tell your flatmates that you’ll be late tonight…thanks’
She was relieved after sending the message…now she can enjoy the rest of her journey. She spoke cheerfully to Dino and was showing excitement for the destination.

At 12:00 noon they reached there. Sam’s friend answered the doorbell. They went inside the house and sat on the sofa, and she asked excitingly, Pinto, where is my bro? 
Hey Julie…Hi Dino….what a pleasant surprise! Sam appeared and asked exuberently.
She was shocked, in fact her mind boggled; her brother’s gestures were loving…she was moved.
She got up and met Sam with a hug. 
Dino and Sam exchanged greetings with each other and in sometime all his flatmates joined in the conversation.
With a very light heart she walked towards the window and saw that the day seemed brighter and clearer than before.
Julie, come let’s have lunch together, I won’t be able to give you the home like treatment but this food does contain lots of love for a sis and bro in law. Sam’s next surprise made her a fan of him.
Though the food was served in a different way but the warmth of it was incomparable. It was served on the banana leaves in a traditional way. The most funny thing about the lunch was that everyone sat on the floor in the bedroom and the food was directly served from the cooking utensils. She was having lunch at her brother’s place was an unbelievable reality. 
On their way back home she  thanked her husband for the trip; he smiled in return.

She took out her cell phone to give this surprising news to her mom, but was stunned to see that her message to Sam was not delivered…

Who took the first step?

Did they both take correct steps unknowingly?

Were they desperate to respond to the other’s initiative?

Whatever…there is no great thing than filling the voids between the loving hearts…:)


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Keeping the illusion alive


img-thingShe was numb as an after effect of adrenaline-rush. Her shivering hands held her husband’s love-letters from his pre-marital affair.

How did Jason manage to keep it as a secret for 10 years?

Was their conjugal happiness an illusion or a reality?

How’s she going to get the assurance that now she’s the only woman in his life?

These questions will rise for sure, but she won’t give them the liberty to get an answer.

Waiting for Jason in his office had sImagemashed her title of being his ‘only love’
She wished she hadn’t known ever what she knew now.




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s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now

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She realized that she could no longer hide the truth, so Maya revealed that Samuel isn’t her nephew, but her own son from her pre-marital affair.

Robs felt like a dwarf because of his insufficiency; ruined, he left home.

She was in a tumult that she’s spoilt her married life, for Robs will never approve of her infidelity.

Tears kept rolling down her cheeks until she got tired and slept.images (1)

She woke up on sound of doorbell…Robs stood at the door holding Samuel’s finger, ‘Sorry… I left abruptly, but I wanted our son to be with his MOM on mother’s-day.’


images (2)

P.S -She was speechless at that time but I am sure she must have been overwhelmed with joy to experience all that had happened…


I wish all the moms a happy mother’s day….



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A New Pollyanna – Reflection


When I try to reflect on the memorable moments of A-Z Challenge, I experience a complete package of emotions. My feelings of excitement before the challenge, motivated me to take off. However, that excitement turned into anxiety  very soon as everyday struggle was to be met efficaciously, but that anxiety surprisingly transformed into contentment by the time the challenge was about to get over.  The gradual achievement of sending daily posts successfully was much better than being free after the completion of it.

As it is said that being a learner is much better than being an expert, so while participating in this challenge, learning Imagewas always there whether we were writers or readers.

After the completion of this fest,  I thought I would write a reflection post with a bang, but know I realize that it’s easy to feel the excitement, but tough to describe.

‘A new Pollyanna’ my theme reveal post had promised to look to the world positively and yes…  everyday I went on a quest with an alphabet of positivism…Thanks to each and everyone associated with this challenge.

 A-Z was the carnival of thoughts, ideas, motivation and inspiration and it taught a lot more:1499616_499450513498012_844561834_n

 Organization– Being ready with a theme based post on daily basis was really a challenging task (at least for me…it was my first time),  indeed being organized helps and also teaches us to be better organized.

 Sense of unity– It seemed a big blogging carnival where we had the same feelings and felt like we all are an important part of a big whole.

 Introspection– larger doses of daily reading writing and commenting took us deep into ourselves.

 Empathy– reading the posts of co bloggers related us to their emotions which indeed had a positive effect on us.

 Self-awareness- Sense of unity, introspection and empathy reflected in our writings and we  became aware of ourselves.

 Motivation- If I’m asked to tell about a few motivating posts, I probably think that those few will cover each and every post because the challenge was flooded with wordy gems.

but you were the best!!!


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Unconditional love… for yourself 


Ria was carrying the burden of failure in her relationship, and was suffering from insomnia. Image

Why was she so hard on herself, why doesn’t she let go off the past and enjoy today? 
These were the suggestions…what she needed most was motivation.
One day she met a person who enlightened her path by changing her way of thinking… 

Do you love your children
Of course!
And yourself?
um….yes…I mean ..

ImageIf you had loved yourself unconditionally, you’d never been so tough on yourself. 
Why are you trying to gaze at the world from being behind the glass door; come out and feel the gentle breeze! 
I have closed my heart to every feeling now; I can never dare to involve myself in that. 
Life is like a river Ria, it wants us to flow with it’s twists and turns. We should never look down upon ourselves, as we are the creators of our own happiness.
One thing  more, if you want to forget any bitter experience, think that your life is like your diary and you are tearing off that unwanted, untidy page from it. Relax! Re read the book; half of your burden will be gone off immediately…
For a fulfilling life she has now started loving herself unconditionally…
Pinch of Pollyannaism-images (5)

Positive thinking can transform the obstacles/barriers as protection bars.

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Real Richness



‘I want to be a rich woman!’

This would be my answer when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Everyone laughed, but my father never liked this and his face showed the expressions of concernImage.

One day he called me and asked, ‘do you know the meaning of richness?’

‘Having a lot of money…… so that anything could be bought’ I answered quizzically.

‘No…………. richness means to have something ‘valuable’ and that too in ‘abundance…’ his face gleamed.

‘You can be rich even if you have a little amount of money’, I was puzzled

‘There are number of things that are valuable like- breaths, love, honesty, knowledge, health, family, imagesvirtue, blessings….and the list is endless’, he explained.

‘We all are rich in some or the other thing and should be thankful for ‘being so rich…’

These words were a bit heavy for me to grasp completely at that time, still I carried them on with me and then I realized that I’ve been a richest person throughout.


P.S- From the preaching of Maharaji 

images (4)


A pinch of Pollyannaism-

Do we help the poor?


So why don’t we help those who are poor in terms of: sharing, forgiving, honesty, love, etc.

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