Peaceful Problems…

Last month, I went for my routine medical-checkup. My interpreter could not accompany me on the day of my appointment as she had to deal with something urgent, and I was worrying about the problems that may arise while communicating with the doctors. After my throat-scan, the doctor indicated a problem …I got worried! Though […]

Deep connections

After marriage, freaking out with her hubby on long Sunday drives was the most romantic activity of Julie’s new life; today also she was on a drive in their new MX07,  but  after knowing it was bound to her brother’s house, in the other town, she felt uncomfortable. Her husband’s decision was great, but little did […]

Keeping the illusion alive

  She was numb as an after effect of adrenaline-rush. Her shivering hands held her husband’s love-letters from his pre-marital affair. How did Jason manage to keep it as a secret for 10 years? Was their conjugal happiness an illusion or a reality? How’s she going to get the assurance that now she’s the only […]


She realized that she could no longer hide the truth, so Maya revealed that Samuel isn’t her nephew, but her own son from her pre-marital affair. Robs felt like a dwarf because of his insufficiency; ruined, he left home. She was in a tumult that she’s spoilt her married life, for Robs will never approve of […]

A New Pollyanna – Reflection

When I try to reflect on the memorable moments of A-Z Challenge, I experience a complete package of emotions. My feelings of excitement before the challenge, motivated me to take off. However, that excitement turned into anxiety  very soon as everyday struggle was to be met efficaciously, but that anxiety surprisingly transformed into contentment by the […]

Unconditional love… for yourself 

Ria was carrying the burden of failure in her relationship, and was suffering from insomnia.  Why was she so hard on herself, why doesn’t she let go off the past and enjoy today?  These were the suggestions…what she needed most was motivation. One day she met a person who enlightened her path by changing her […]

Real Richness

  ‘I want to be a rich woman!’ This would be my answer when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Everyone laughed, but my father never liked this and his face showed the expressions of concern. One day he called me and asked, ‘do you know the meaning of […]

In the background

  Opportunity knocked her door, but her parents wanted her to settle abroad by marrying a guy of their choice. She mocked at her degree of fashion-designer and surrendered. After marriage, in her community she got a chance to design clothes for a local fashion show. It was an opportune time for her to show her […]

Promising generation

Very often we people simply point out the shortcomings of our system and blame it for lacking efficiency. Not only this, we are the ones who easily twist the rules and principles just for the sake of our convenience. First we encourage wrong practices for our own good, and later we oppose and criticize wrong […]

O is……………

  Omnipresent… Omniscient… Omnipotent… Omnibenevolent…   God is good; good is God. As I was seeking some ‘O’ letter words… these words directly entered my heart invoking the feeling of endless gratitude. I can never dare to write anything about them as they need to be felt rather than to be explained…     Stay […]