Halloween Fun Fair…

imagesWhile cleaning Gavin’s room, she took his laser light and looked at it with astonishment. Since the day, Gavin has bought that light from ‘Halloween fun fair’, half of her concerns related to her son’s problematic behavior have disappeared.
Can any object be so helpful in changing someone’s personality?

He has become an organised and a disciplined child after that, but once he finishes all his tasks he desperately runs to play with his new toy. He even told her that he has made some new friends, and was very happy with them.

images (2)It all seems like a miracle! If she had known this, she would have bought such things for him, long before. She switched that light on out of curiosity; a wide red beam covered a big portion of the room. She could see Gavin’s friends fading out slowly.


Happy Halloween!

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Journal Writing – a helpful ESL device


1399843473Of all the English learning skills, writing is the most overwhelming of all. When a teacher steps in for teaching writing the whole class gets upset as they will now have to perform the monotonous tasks. Honestly speaking, in a class of forty there can be only three or four writers, but what about the others? It’s not possible to make Intermediate students write the assignments with interest. If they do, it is simply out of pressure and nothing else, so when a task is done just for the sake of doing, it never brings positive results. Facing such problems in my class I thought of adding a pinch of flavour to the subject of teaching writing. I made compulsory for all my classes to start writing journals and hand them over to me for the reading and commenting.

Journal-Writing-Woman-DiaryI announced and distributed the handouts about the details and instructions of journal writing. The striking point was that their class performance marks were to be decided on that.
Now the journal writing began, and it was a remarkable success because the students had no fear of being marked on the language and writing style. It was ‘just writing.‘ It became a connection between the teacher and learner. They liked writing on various subjects because they always got the appropriate comments on it. Their writing improved as it could be seen from the writings that had matured meanwhile.

dreamstimefree_1455027While some students included variety of topics, and for some it was like writing a diary. Whatever was the content of journals, overall, it was undoubtedly a great writing practice for the class and above all a bond that brought us together as one.

I strictly recommend this as it has nothing to do with the technicalities of grammar, marking rubrics or writing mechanics; it’s only free writing that leads us to our goal in the most interesting manner.


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Out of oblivion…end of the twist

continued from- The twist of life….

images (1)With a thought to correct the situation, she hurriedly ran towards the car park to find Ben because she did not want him to reflect more on the situation that never existed. She saw Ben at the door of his car looking in the void.
Running towards him with that letter, and trying to gather her scattered emotions she said, ‘Ben…I know nothing about this!’
He took that letter and tore it to pieces; giving her a passionate and intense look announced, ‘I know you, and I love you.’
imagesAngela forgot all the mental stress which had numbed her a little ago. Now she was in a complete bliss!
Ben hugged her and stared at falling bits of the letter. He said to himself, ‘sorry Angela, I had to do this…after all I’m a human!’

P.S.   Ideologically this idea seems invalid, but in today’s world just for its survival love needs the support of such absurdities.


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